Susan Fainstein ‘Things are really going in the wrong direction’

Amsterdam was until recently a good example of a competitive global city with a high degree of social justice, according to Harvard Professor Fainstein. “I don’t quite understand why they now had to change what they were doing.”

By Michiel de Vries and Jasper van Dongen

Amsterdam and Susan Fainstein seem almost inseparable. Fainstein, in the seventies working at Rutgers University in New Jersey, asked herself several times the same question: How do cities in Europe deal with urban planning in a capitalist world economy and how much scope is there for having greater justice and more equality? Continue reading

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Successful symposium came to a thriving end

The winners of the workshop presentation (Photo by Johanna Carlsson)

A wonderful week has come to an end! The Association thanks all the participants for their tremendous enthusiasm and making the ASAP Symposium such a memorable event! We also want to congratulate the winners Mark Chapman, Helena Klintström, Johanna Wadstein, Franjo Tvrtkovic-Sahin and Lina Jeppsson. They have won the price of the best workshop presentation.

In short an overview of the week. By Jasper van Dongen. READ MORE

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Photos Symposium Amsterdam Just City

Photos of the lecture from Susan Fainstein (Harvard University) and Justus Uitermark (Erasmus University Rotterdam) in the Old Lutheran Church, during the ASAP Symposium Amsterdam: Just City? 2011. Watch the video of the Fainstein lecture.

More photos here. Do you have pictures to share? Please e-mail us at!

Special thanks to photographer Jorrit Knuvelder.
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Only nine days to go until the start of the symposium!

The Amstel river in Amsterdam

It has been a while since the last news update but we have been working very hard behind the scene to get everything ready!

There are currently 60 participants fully enrolled and the workshop programs are all arranged expect for a slight hick-up in the Red Light District workshop. We have to find a new tour guide as earlier announced Pieter Terhorst had to cancel. The full programs are uploaded on the website.

For the South Axis workshop there are lectures from: Klaas de Boer, president of the South Axis (SA); Sandra Thesing, project manager SA and Cees Geldog, urban planner SA and more. Bas Boeker (project manager SA) will give a tour through the area. The Red Light District workshop has lectures from project manager Piere van Rossum and Architect Tsaijer Cheng. Micheal Deinema who is currently researching the district will guide the discussion session on Wednesday. Jolbert ten Napel and Ton Schaap will provide the lectures for the Overhoeks workshop. In between the lectures is a simulation game planned.
In short: we are very excited to finally near the kick-off after one and a half year of planning!

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Looking for Dutch students & Lectures registration open!

Amsterdam, bird's eye view

We are pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the symposium by foreign students. We got so many interested that we are thinking about creating additional places. Now we are hoping that this enthusiasm will spread to the Dutch planning students (register here for the full program with workshops & lectures). Including our very own Sarphati members who get a special discount! If you are unable to participate in the full program you can also sign up for one of the three evening lectures! (register for the lectures here)

In other news we can confirm lectures of Pierre van Rossum (project mananger) and Tsaijer Cheng (architect) on the 1012 project in the Red Light District workshop! And Project Office South Axis is enthusiastic to become involved in the South Axis workshop. More information on these developments will follow soon!

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Best wishes & all the latest news about the Symposium

The 'Amsterdam Waag' covered with snow this week. The weigh house is a remnant of the former city walls in Amsterdam. Constructed in 1488.

Last week we received a very interesting email from Sweden: the Lund University will attend the Symposium in February with a delegation of 20 students! Besides there are already 13 students from other countries now.

Other news… The ticket for Fainstein has been booked & we can confirm the lecture of Physical Planning Departement of the municipality of Amsterdam at wednesday February 16. This lecture will be about the ‘Structural Vision: Amsterdam 2040‘. This is an important day for the municipality. When everything goes according to plan, on this day the Vision will be adopted by the City Council. All the more reason to REGISTER NOW! Finally, we wish you all the best for the holidays! See you in 2011!

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Registration for study trips to Bogotá and Toronto closed

The registration for the study trips to Bogotá and Toronto has been closed after a record amount of 25 entries over both destinations! Fourteen students signed up for Bogotá and eleven for Toronto. The ASAP is excited about the growing interest for the study trips and we are confident that this enthusiasm will make for yet another two successful trips!

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The Distinctiveness of Cities | Modes of Re-Production

ADVERTISEMENT International Conference | 15th – 17th of June 2011, Darmstadt (Germany)

Venice is different from London and in Mumbai we will expect to have radically other experiences than in Paris. The simple mentioning of city names calls up mental images in us, positive or negative, exotic or banal. Cities appear to be dynamic or progressive, cosmopolitan or sentimental, but what is the origin of such images and associations?

The question of the international conference “The Distinctiveness of Cities | Modes of Re-Production” is the intrinsic logic of cities. Six thematic fields will serve to structure the approach taken to these questions at the conference on “The Distinctiveness of Cities | Modes of Reproduction”: Body, Space, Power, Infrastructure, Knowledge and Heritage.


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Registrations from all over the world | ASAP Symposium

In the first week of the official registration we received applications from all over the world. We are excited with the reach of the symposium, from Italy to the United States! The first group of applicants are selected, but there are still spots available. So REGISTER NOW! In the mean time we are elaborating on content of the workshops. We are in contact with the important public and private partners for the three workshop cases. We will keep you informed! Finally we would like to invite you to: Join our event page on facebook! & Write in our guestbook to introduce yourself to other participants!

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Registration Symposium now open!

After releasing information on the cost price and the workshop cases we opened up the official registration for the ASAP symposium Amsterdam: Just City? so REGISTER NOW! As this is your chance to participate in an ambitious international symposium, and moreover explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam! More information? Read more about the concept and the program and workshops.

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